Gamewalhalla Retro Gaming Gras Sale


Gamewalhalla Retro Gaming Gras Sale

Sunday 22 July 2018 

Liersesteenweg 133

3130 Begijnendijk

From 10h - 14h



Been so many time to a flea market, looking for games and not finding anthing? Well, we wanna do something about this. So this summer for the very first time we're organising the Gamewalhalla Retro Gaming Gras Sale. The same principle as a flea market but exclusively for (rétro) games.


The place to be is the big lawn around our shop. Just as on a flea market you'll find lots of booths that sell all kinds of stuff. In this case everything related to video games.





Would you like to sell some games or gaming related items? Then you can hire a booth for € 3/booth. Each booth = 1,5m X1,5m. There are no tables,... available. So bring your own tabels or others.


Please reserve your booth in advance. You can pay the sunday morning. It's in open air. Of course we hope for excellent weather but it could rain cats and dogs meaning we'll have to cancel this event.


Everybody more than welcome. But please take into acount that this is a much smaller event as our retro gaming conventions. Something to take into account if you have to come from far. And as this event is in open air we strongly advice to leave your most precious games at home or else certainly bring something along to protect them from the sun/rain.





Would you like to go to a flea market? A flea market especially for video games and everything related? Then this Gras Sale is certainly something for you. Completely the same principle as a flea market but then a flea market filled with (retro) games.


At our retro gaming conventions it's always a happy reunion. That's also part of the goal of this event: not only a flea market but also a cozy gathering of all (retro) gamers from the region to make some fun together.





Sellers: there's room for several cars next to 1 side of our shop. There are also a few place between the street and the lawn. Next to that you can park just a the other side of the road at Houthandel doe-het-zelf Van Rompaey and Bandencentre Crauwels. If there's no space left you can part in the Kerkstraat. That's the first street at your right (direction Aarschot) at +- 100m from our shop.


Visitors: you can park at the other side of the road at Houthandel doe-het-zelf Van Rompaey and at Bandencentral Crauwels. If you can't find any parking you can go and park in the Kerkstraat. That's the firs street at your righr (direction Aarschot) at +- 100m from your shop.



The weather


This is an event in open air. So we completely depend from the weather. Of course we're hoping for a very nice day. But it's always possible that it will rain cats and dogs. Please keep an eye on our website and facebook page. We'll keep you up-to-date there.